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At Areej Aromatherapy, we prioritize social and environmental responsibility in all of our decisions. We wanted to share some of the sustainability-related work we are doing.

Carbon Neutral

Areej is proud to be a carbon-neutral business since we use Co2 emission measurement to offset as much of our effect as we can. We also work to reduce the initial amount of carbon emissions through effective logistics and minimal packaging.

Ingredient Traceability

We strive to uphold the highest standards of product safety and quality across the our mother company’s system because we believe that our customers deserve safe and high-quality products. Offering safe and cutting-edge products to all of our consumers is our aim. We adhere to strict product and ingredient standards created to guarantee the security and caliber of every one of our products. At Areej, we use products that are traceable, sustainably sourced, cultivated and harvested without having an adverse effect on the environment or biodiversity.

Manufacturing & Quality control

Due to our unquenchable demand for quality, Areej is dedicated to establish the standard for perfection. As a result, we carry out quality checks at every stage, from the acquisition of raw materials to manufacturing, testing the results along the supply chain until the storage of the products. working in accordance with the most recent IFRA/IOFI guidelines.


Protecting human rights

Areej is committed to upholding human rights in all facets of business operations, including how we deal with vendors, coworkers, customers, and communities. We work carefully to maintain the core principles of international human and workplace rights everywhere we operate since this commitment is crucial to the success of our business.


Women Empowerment

One of the most effective and long-lasting methods to promote prosperity in families and communities is to help women realise their entrepreneurial potential. Women are the backbone of their communities, contributing significantly to local economies by allocating a considerable percentage of their income to the wellbeing and education of their children. Since 2006, a number of initiatives have been created as a result of our understanding of the difficulties women encounter as well as their economic potential. Through our value chain, we are dedicated to enabling the economic empowerment of every woman who works directly with us. This refers specifically to the small businesses with which our company and its partners are associated, including those that employ farmers, labourers, retailers, and artists. Women in our programs can access financial services, capital, peer networks, mentoring, and entrepreneurial skills by leveraging the community partnerships we have established.