Lavender Oil 30 ml

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100% Pure & Natural Lavender Essential Oil

Directions:Use blending instructions to personalize.
Mind: Balances mind, and is a nerve tonic; used to calm and balance fluctuating moods and help anxiety; can be normalizing and help bring peace of mind
Body: Comforts sore muscles; most versatile of all essential oils; has been used by many cultures to soothe headaches by massaging it into the temples; compresses can be used to relieve sunburn
Skin Type: Good for all skin conditions; helps balance the production of skin’s natural moisture; is considered a rejuvenating agent on the skin; can be used to soothe minor burns, scrapes and cuts due to anti inflammatory properties; has deep cleansing and balancing qualities that are beneficial for skin problems
Blends Well With:
Cedarwood, pine, clary sage, geranium, nutmeg and all essential oils
Good For Use In: Bath, massage, inhalation, diffuser, skin care, and compresses
Safety: May be slightly irritating to eyes and skin
Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia
Plant Part Used: Flowering tops
Method of Extraction: Steam distillation
Harvest Season: July
Source: France
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