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Pampered Feet Kit

Pampered Feet Kit



A foot care kit containing everything you need for better feet.

  • Refresh Peppermint Scrub

Scrub off all the dead skin on your feet using our cooling peppermint oil infused scrub for refreshed feet.

  • Peppermint Cream 

Massage our cooling peppermint oil infused foot cream onto hard skin and heels to soothe and refresh your feet.

  • Cuticle Oil

Apply a generous amount on your cuticles to hydrate and soften the dry skin on your cuticles.

  • Nail Filer 

Use this nail filer for shaping the nails.

  • Exfoliating Stone 

Use this foot exfoliating stone to exfoliate your heels and remove all the dead skin for smoother, softer feet.



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