Blue Chamomile Oil 15 ml – Areej

Blue Chamomile Oil 15 ml

Blue Chamomile Oil 15 ml


100% Pure & Natural Blue Chamomile Essential Oil

Directions: Use blending instructions to personalise

Mind: Calming and centering with a soothing action

BodyCalming muscle and joint soother; has been used to reduce skin flakiness; can act as a gentle astringent; ancient cultures used it to reduce the redness of sunburn and allergic rashes

Skin TypeSensitive

Blends Well With: Bergamot, lavender, rose, marjoram, and clary sage

Good For Use InCompresses, bath, massage, skin care, and steam

Safety: May be moderately irritating to eyes and skin

Botanical Name: Chamomilla recutita

Plant Part Used: Flowering tops

Method of Extraction: Steam distillation

Harvest SeasonFebruary – March

Source: Egypt

Perfumery: Middle to base note


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