Rose Absolute 15 ml

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100% Pure and Natural Rose Absolute

Directions: Use blending instructions to personalize.
Relaxing, centering tonic; has been described as good for sadness, especially when resulting from emotional imbalances and helps in keeping the heart open; it is believed to ease jealousy as well as the pain of a broken heart
Body: Believed to help diminish skin redness over an extended period of time; has circulatory benefits in massage
Skin Type: Especially beneficial for dry, and maturing skin
Blends Well With: Geranium, jasmine absolute, vetiver, and sandalwood
Good For Use In: Bath, facial and body massage, inhalation, diffuser, and skin care
Safety: May be moderately irritating to eyes and skin
Botanical Name:
Rosa centifolia
Plant Part Used:
Method of Extraction: Solvent extraction
Harvest Season: May
Source: Egypt
Perfumery: Middle to base note