Bitter Orange Oil 30 ml

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100% Pure & Natural Bitter Orange Essential Oil

Directions: Use blending instructions to personalize.
Mind: calms and soothes the nerves; may be helpful in reducing fatigue and anxiety; refreshes the mind and invigorates the spirits
Body: can help detoxify and liven up dull skin
Skin Type: normal, dull and oily complexions
Blends Well With: lavender, lemon, clary sage, myrrh, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, frankincense, sandalwood and vetiver
Good For Use In: compresses, bath, facial and neck massage, facial steam to detoxify impurities, and body massage
Safety: should not be applied before going out into sunlight for prolonged periods; may be moderately irritating to eyes and skin
Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium amara
Plant Part Used: peel
Method of Extraction:
steam distillation
Harvest Season: December
Source: Egypt
Perfumery: middle note