Blue Chamomile Floral Water 60 ml

Blue Chamomile Floral Water 60 ml


Floral water from the distillation of blue chamomile.

• Known for cooling, anti-inflammatory properties, to be emotionally comforting, and powerfully calming.

• Good for sensitive problematic skin, to reduce foot odour, or calm and centre mind before exams, presentations, and major events.

• May be used as an aroma body spray.

Skin Type: Sensitive, inflamed and problematic skin

Properties: Anti-inflammatory, calming, anti-bacterial

Indications: Sunburns, rashes, itching, dry skin, spider veins

Applications: Spray on face and body to calm sunburn or irritated skin; spray on face or legs as aftershave; add to a fragrance-free cleanser; apply as facial toner; spray on feet to reduce foot odour

Directions: Spray on face and body or apply with cotton.


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