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About Areej Aromatherapy

Areej Aromatherapy was born out of the Hashem Brothers family partnership over five years of continuous research and development through collaboration with global experts in an effort to reintroduce aromatherapy in Egypt 4000 years later using authentic Egyptian ingredients.

We are committed to using natural-derived and certified organic plant ingredients for the responsible development of naturally-derived personal care products with aromatherapeutic benefits. Traceability and quality are the pillars of our business, which allow us to introduce the cosmetic market to Egyptian aromatherapy products from the source.


Ingredient Traceability

We use pure and natural botanical plant ingredients. Never tested on animals.areej banner
No synthetic fragrances or colorants. We support organic farming. We participate in local community-based sourcing programs for ingredients and accessories. Our essential oils are premium quality volatile botanical plant oils with therapeutic benefits. Our fixed oils are botanical plant oils from seeds and nuts with unique conditioning and anti-oxidant properties.

Areej Aromatherapy essential oils and absolutes are 100% pure and natural, globally sourced, undiluted ingredients. We recognize that soil conditions, weather patterns, political stress, and other environmental factors cause variations in quality and availability of natural materials. That,s why we go to the source to understand these factors on the ground, with the farmers. This allows us to bring our customers closer to the farm and ensure our commitment to high quality ingredient selection for our products.

Traceability is the core of our brand. We want consumers to know where the ingredients are coming from, the faces behind our products, and invite you to visit our farms. Our experienced sourcing team knows how to push the rest of the industry by asking the right questions, in order to, make informed and responsible supply chain decisions. We are willing to engage in sourcing discussions, in efforts to continuously improve our practices, because we know there is no end to bettering the supply chain.

We are aromatherapy from the source.


About Hashem Brothers for Essential Oils & Aromatic Products



Hashem Brothers agribusiness partnership was established in 1974, and the brand specializing in the production of essential oils and aromatic products was created in 1995. Continuous commitment to research and innovation has led to global success in the production of premium quality natural and certified organic products.

Hashem Brothers business is dedicated to excellence in every area- using knowledge, creativity, innovation, and technology to provide its customers with superior consumer understanding and the highest quality products and services. From industry insights to anticipating and interpreting the latest trends, Hashem Brothers organization provides its customers with the edge they need in an ever-changing market.